Corn Header Foldable

Foldable corn header ensure a smooth progress in narrow paths

Foldable corn headers are operating wiht hydraulic pump oil system 

Adjustable blades are available under the rolling mills for cutting the weeds

Equipment of the corn headers are adjusted for achieving the topmost efficiency

Corn headers movements are provided via side-shaft gear boxes

Our corn headers are produced according european standarts

Lying corns are delivered to the harvester throungh the side spirals easily

Wheel won't be damaged because the crushers are mounted at wheel level

You can install this product to CLASS,JOHNDERE,NEW HOLLAND,LAVERDA,DEUTZ and other harvester-brand marks in an easy way

Specifications Row Length Heigth Width Load With Length Weigth
Foldable 6 Row 70 cm 140 cm 284 cm 240 cm 430 cm 2500 kg
Foldable 8 Row 70 cm 140 cm 284 cm 240 cm 570 cm 3250 kg